Chatbots Builder – Easily build Facebook Messenger chatbots. Chatbots-builder is a platform for building Facebook Messenger chatbots. It’s an online tool that its customers can use to create and register bots for Facebook pages they manage, specifying for each bot a set of “answers” triggered by words typed by the… Continue Reading Chatbots Builder – Easily build Facebook Messenger chatbots

Chatbots Builder is an online platform that helps small and medium online marketing agencies increase their recurring and overall revenues by allowing them to easily build advanced and complete Messenger chatbots for their local and global customers

“Threatcare simplifies product evaluations and security controls monitoring by carrying out on-demand simulations.” Most companies are unable to verify that their security controls are properly protecting them, enabling hackers to easily steal sensitive information without detection. Many major companies spend millions on cybersecurity yearly, yet are usually not protected —… Continue Reading Threatcare – Cybersecurity platform for product evaluations, security controls monitoring

Euler Systems uses data science and AI to revolutionise businesses that may not be native AI and data businesses. The strong co-founding team behind Euler Systems include Himanshu Nautiyal, Krishna Raghav and Sandeep Kadam. Himanshu is the former head of Data Science at Yahoo. Krishna was a hedge fund analyst… Continue Reading Euler Systems – Enhancing asset yield using AI and data science

Usetrace artificial users replaces repetitive testing in growth companies. Usetrace is a web software Testing-as-a-Service designed for agile teams. Usetrace is an artificial software tester who tirelessly tests that your web app user interface works as expected. In Usetrace you automate cloud computers to test your site. How to create… Continue Reading Usetrace develops test automation solutions for web applications

vPhrase helps companies make their reports easy to understand by explaining the insights in words, using AI. The company’s patent pending platform, Phrazor, analyses data, derives insights and then communicates those insights, in words, in multiple languages. It automates the work of analysis and communication which is the forte of… Continue Reading vPhrase helps companies communicate insights from their data

Talkus offers a complete customer success solution to engage and support customers. Talkus was founded in France in 2015. The company has offices in Paris, France and Princeton, NJ, USA. Talkus helps SMB offer amazing customer experiences. This provides our clients with a strategic differentiator and a competitive advantage. Talkus… Continue Reading Talkus is a simple and powerful customer success solution for Slack users

Inteliclinic is an engineering studio specializing in artificial intelligence technologies and biological signal processing systems, such as the Neuroon – a revolutionary wearable mask that combines advanced brain wave and pulse measurement technology with a sleeping mask. Neuroon is a breakthrough in sleep science that combines state-of-the-art technology with the… Continue Reading Inteliclinic – Maker of Neuroon Inteligent Sleep mask

Growbots created the first all-in-one outbound sales platform. Enjoy automatic lead generation and managing email drip campaigns with CRM integration. All you need to do is set up a customer profile and schedule an email campaign to automatically generate new sales opportunities. Access 200 million high quality contacts and send… Continue Reading Growbots A.I. for Sales – our goal is to completely replace sales people with software!

We put emphasis on making the data useful by using data analysis methods, mathematics and statistics combined with great programming skills. We keep setting the bar higher by taking part in demanding projects that require complex solutions. Our team supports University of Warsaw in funded research projects and cooperates with… Continue Reading Appsilon Data Science – End-2-End Data Science Solutions

Foll. is a web service designed to improve and ease Twitter marketing. It enables individuals and businesses to grow their audience, analyze it and improve followers, content and service quality. To keep the audience engaged, Foll. offers posts scheduling for up to 1000 posts, content suggestions, localizable Automated Direct Messages.… Continue Reading Foll. Smart Twitter Automation and Marketing

Engati bot – A chatbot builder and management platform Engati will revolutionize the world of business bots and customer service using it proprietary machine learning engine. Using Engati, you can create your bot in 10 minutes – Engati handles everything else, setup, publishing, learning, traffic analysis, learning modules and a… Continue Reading Engati bot – A chatbot builder and management platform

Engati is a chatbot platform to help businesses build and host chatbots to acquire and engage users. Also, get analytics on how users respond to your chatbot. Engati is a chatbot platform that allows you to build, manage, integrate, train, analyse and publish your personalized bot in a matter of… Continue Reading Engati – Chatbot Platform – Helping business build chat bots to acquire and engage users

AI meets business management Startable is a next-gen online platform benching an all-in-one complete startup solution that enables entrepreneurs to get their business up and running with access to tools, essentials and resources needed for a great start. Starting a business can be unneccessarily complicated, lengthy paperwork, legal complexity, numerous… Continue Reading Startable – AI business management platform built for startups and small businesses

Unbxd is a leading e-commerce product discovery platform that applies advanced data sciences to connect shoppers to the products they are most likely to buy, while providing predictive actionable insights for merchandising. With Unbxd’s Machine Learning Site Search, shoppers receive optimized search results based on merchandiser insight coupled with advanced… Continue Reading Unbxd – AI based ecommerce product discovery platform

Coinvision is a Facebook Messenger bot specialized in delivering alerts with predictions and information about the most credible crypto coins. Our AI solution crawls the best websites, blogs, social media pages and channels, credible Redditors and other sources to deliver alerts directly to you via Facebook Messenger. Website :