Feedbeaver enables you to start building an audience for your product directly in Facebook Messenger. With 1-click widgets that you can use on Medium, WordPress or your own platform, we connect you with your fans with unbelievable open and click rates in an engaging and interactive medium. Website : https://www.feedbeaver.com

SpamHound is a reliable SMS and MMS spam filter for iOS platform that protects users from unwanted messages. You can create an unlimited number of filtering rules, manage Black- and Whitelists manually and use flexible configuring features. There is no Internet connection needed to use SpamHound, and you can be… Continue Reading SpamHound: SMS Spam Filter

Day trips. Weekend getaways. It’s simple! Take a look at our extensive range of weekend getaways and day trips from your current location. Discover what we found near you. Are you travelling by car? Start to plan your personal road trip with us! Just choose your route from A to… Continue Reading Gigomap – Top Attractions Near You

Viotalk Video chat messenger app for Both iOS and Android devices. You can send quick video messages of any size without worrying about internal storage simply record and share Video messages to anyone at anywhere on any device. where your recipient can listen to your message at any time and… Continue Reading VioTalk Cloud Video messenger app for instant video shares within Seconds

Chatbots Builder is an online platform that helps small and medium online marketing agencies increase their recurring and overall revenues by allowing them to easily build advanced and complete Messenger chatbots for their local and global customers https://www.chatbots-builder.com/

Plango makes it fun and easy to make plans with your friends, on the go. Plango combines elements of social media with calendaring in one social communications tool. Plango is optimized for mobile use and integrates with Facebook to make planning social and fun, featuring real-time SMS / push messaging,… Continue Reading Plango – social media with calendaring in one social communications tool.

We provide a robust platform on cloud to digitally capture patient data securely. The use of cutting-edge technology helps improve patient treatment outcomes and enables better analytic insights. The products designed by CAREDATA are well-positioned to process a wide range of samples, from over 20,000 samples per day (in bigger… Continue Reading CAREDATA Infomatics, a leading healthcare tech platform for laboratories and hospitals.

Accialert is a ‘Patented’ solution by Mahapool Pvt Ltd. This is a solution which notifies concerned people automatically in case of road accident even if driver is unconscious. Alert Service: Timely information for fast action. We have mapped emergency services across country so that you get the most relevant support… Continue Reading Accialert – Stay Alert Stay Secure

Calorious makes tracking your food and weight as easy as a snap of a photo. Just take a picture of your food using the app and watch calorie estimates and feedback arrive in real time for your meal from other Calorious users. Make healthy choices and learn more about what… Continue Reading Calorious – A picture based calorie and food tracker app with a social angle

Intelligent delivery service aggregator – connecting restaurants to end-clients. Magnar is an online marketplace that connects clients to restaurants that do deliveries. The platform allows customers to order food in the same day to be delivered at their home or office. We also created an app that gives restaurants the… Continue Reading Magnar – Portuguese food-ordering marketplace

Customizable apps for all touch displays, tables, kiosks & videowalls for effective interactive digital signage solutions for Retails, hotels, restaurants. Interactive Digital Signage Multi Touch Software for XL Touchscreens: Easy to use CMS content integration for effective marketing and teamwork. Website : https://www.multitouch-appstore.com/en/