Cybersecurity prevention for all organizations and projects – preventing your IT infrastructure from running on faulty vulnerable software We offer to all organizations of all sizes alerts when your servers/webapps/containers are running on software with cybersecurity vulnerabilities, so that you can have peace of mind about your software and secure… Continue Reading SecureIT – Cybersecurity prevention for all organizations and projects Secure your servers, apps

Accialert is a ‘Patented’ solution by Mahapool Pvt Ltd. This is a solution which notifies concerned people automatically in case of road accident even if driver is unconscious. Alert Service: Timely information for fast action. We have mapped emergency services across country so that you get the most relevant support… Continue Reading Accialert – Stay Alert Stay Secure

AppSecure is a crowdsourced vulnerability coordination and bug bounty platform that connects businesses with cybersecurity researchers. AppSecure Products: (launched in December 2015) – HackerHive is a crowdsourced vulnerability co-ordination and bug bounty platform which connects your business to a network of some of the best and trusted security researchers… Continue Reading Appsecure India – A specialized cyber security services company across the world