eSputnik is a Marketing Automation Service made to embody the toughest ideas of enterprise level solutions in very clear and efficient way for everyone. We understand common marketers needs and do our best to help: – burst your campaign effectiveness with Lean Approach; – don’t waste your time on daily… Continue Reading eSputnik – Marketing Automation Service

Javelinks is a smart link creator that allows you to retarget any URL, create intermission pages, and popup overlays on any website, even if you don’t own it. Share content that engages your visitors and strategically place your call-to-actions in a place that will get more visibility and more clicks.… Continue Reading Javelinks – Retarget visitors, create overlays and popups, and drive better engagement with custom marketing links.

Quotent is a desktop and mobile friendly tool that will help you increase your Instagram engagement. A tool that simplifies the way we create Instagram content. Upload your image, choose your account category and select a quote from our database of over 100,000 quotes. Automate all of your content creation… Continue Reading Quotent – 10X Your Instagram Engagement One Post At A Time.

Mass Instagram Video Downloader is the world’s easiest tool to help you download images and videos from Instagram easily and quickly. Website :

Pulse | Music is a newly released social network for discovering and sharing music with the rest of the world and in particular your friends. In a time of which most people discover new music through algorithmic suggestions, Pulse offers a simple way of getting those suggestions from friends or… Continue Reading Pulse | Instagram for Music is like having an entire in-house advertising department without the big expense. It’s the mission to cost effectively get you more sales than an entire housed team of advertisers, marketers and sales experts ever could. doesn’t make you pay for anything that wouldn’t make you money like… Continue Reading – Your in-house advertising department

Androbuntu is the Community-Based Online Media Blogger. Androbuntu is the Community-Based Online Media Blogger. Provides information about Social Media, Tips and Tricks Online share everything that allows us to do and enjoy things in life. website :

Feedbeaver enables you to start building an audience for your product directly in Facebook Messenger. With 1-click widgets that you can use on Medium, WordPress or your own platform, we connect you with your fans with unbelievable open and click rates in an engaging and interactive medium. Website :

Sniper App is a web-based tool which enables a user to search Location specific media on Instagram narrowed by your favorite Hashtags. Currently, Instagram allows only searching media via either Hashtags or Location, but not both combined. For example, if you search #Startup on Instagram, it’ll get all the #Startup… Continue Reading Sniper App

Sunclip is the next step in Social Media Innovation. is an “Ad-Free” social network and “Portal” that connects users to, a Social Bookmarking community and, an Entertainment Community. Website :

Viotalk Video chat messenger app for Both iOS and Android devices. You can send quick video messages of any size without worrying about internal storage simply record and share Video messages to anyone at anywhere on any device. where your recipient can listen to your message at any time and… Continue Reading VioTalk Cloud Video messenger app for instant video shares within Seconds

Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM) is a mail merge add-on for Gmail. More than 800K users use it to send well-targeted email campaigns using YAMM. It provides email tracking reports and helps to follow-up with your recipients for better engagement. It is free for everyone with Gmail / G Suite… Continue Reading Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM) – Run well targeted email campaigns with Gmail & Google Sheets

We are a group of freelancers who have not sacrificed our passion for writing. Despite the busy schedule of our day to day lives, we care to speak our hearts out in the form of words so that we can reach out to our beloved audience. Over the years, ghostwriting… Continue Reading StarWords India – The Largest Network of Freelance Content Writers

TWIP is an online membership-based social marketplace, that connects people to experiences, travelers and activity companions based on your travel personality, or as we say, “Travanality.” Think LinkedIn and Netflix for travelers.

Digital Heptagon is the leading Internet marketing company, which enhance your business by providing exceptional online marketing & design services. We believe in maintaining a healthy client relationship by serving the best from our side.

Discover the Next Layer of Content Marketing! PromoRepublic is a Social Media Content Builder for Small Business Owners, Agencies and Marketers. It combines gamified ease of use, the collaborative power of co-marketing channels, technology-based content suggestion and rich templates in an affordable platform that is a no-brainer for first-time marketers… Continue Reading – Social Media Content Builder for Small Business Owners

AppSay is built to radically transform business communication. Businesses can now engage with customers without the hassles and drawbacks of traditional messaging. For the end users, AppSay presents a unique and non-intrusive way of reaching out to businesses for information, service and support. appSAY is a “non-intrusive” formal communications platform… Continue Reading AppSay is a customer engagement and business communication company.

With ContentLook you can uncover marketing threats and opportunities, in real time and as they appear. Work together with your team inside the place where you grab these insights and analyze the data. Set campaigns, KPIs and track all of your targets. All your marketing team and work in one… Continue Reading ContentLook – Find, Analyze and Overcome Marketing Threats. With Your Team.

TraveLibro is a social network, which allows you to capture your entire travel story. It’s an app, which gives you the opportunity to tell your travels differently, in brief or in detail, document it live or upload past holidays ; an app, which allows you to influence others and inspire… Continue Reading TraveLibro – A social network, which allows you to capture your entire travel story