Pixpa enables photographers, artists, designers and creative pros to easily create and manage their portfolio website, sell online, manage clients and publish blogs. Pixpa’s all-in-one platform requires no coding knowledge and saves time and money for creatives by enabling them to manage their complete online presence through one platform. Whether… Continue Reading Pixpa – A DIY website building platform for Creative Professionals

The Grey Parrots – Website Development Services Company UK The Grey Parrots, a Word Press Website Development Company with decades of experience is one of the leading Word Press service providers. Agile yet easy-to-use websites are the best asset for modern-day business. Expert Word Press Website developers at The Grey… Continue Reading The Grey Parrots – Website Development Services Company UK

Adboy.com is like having an entire in-house advertising department without the big expense. It’s the Adboy.com mission to cost effectively get you more sales than an entire housed team of advertisers, marketers and sales experts ever could. Adboy.com doesn’t make you pay for anything that wouldn’t make you money like… Continue Reading Adboy.com – Your in-house advertising department

Androbuntu is the Community-Based Online Media Blogger. Androbuntu is the Community-Based Online Media Blogger. Provides information about Social Media, Tips and Tricks Online share everything that allows us to do and enjoy things in life. website : https://www.androbuntu.com/

Feedbeaver enables you to start building an audience for your product directly in Facebook Messenger. With 1-click widgets that you can use on Medium, WordPress or your own platform, we connect you with your fans with unbelievable open and click rates in an engaging and interactive medium. Website : https://www.feedbeaver.com

Sniper App is a web-based tool which enables a user to search Location specific media on Instagram narrowed by your favorite Hashtags. Currently, Instagram allows only searching media via either Hashtags or Location, but not both combined. For example, if you search #Startup on Instagram, it’ll get all the #Startup… Continue Reading Sniper App

Pixelhut is a Joomla, HTML, print and web templates and WordPress themes development studio on a mission to create a place where designers, developers, bloggers, agencies and others can get their inspiration and resources from. Pixelhut relies on new technologies. We build Joomla templates, WordPress themes, HTML templates, web elements… Continue Reading Pixelhut – Joomla, HTML, WordPress Web development studio

Sheetsu – Turn Google Spreadsheets into JSON API Access Google Spreadsheets via REST API. Sheetsu.com is a service that turns Google Spreadsheets into JSON API. Use it as CMS or database e.g. for a mobile app or website. Without any setup, one click away. Focus on your product and build… Continue Reading Sheetsu – Turn Google Spreadsheets into JSON API

Manipulist is a suite of web apps which can save you hours on daily tasks! It is mainly thought for professionals, programmers, digital marketers and growth hackers which spend most of their time on web-based tasks and risk to waste much of it of unnecessary tasks which Manipulist apps can… Continue Reading Manipulist – Save hours on your daily web tasks

LocaGlobe is world’s leading Digital Marketing firm especializing in SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing. From building your presence locally, to establish your brand globally, we aim to improve the most important metric, your revenue. http://locaglobe.com/

Dream Support is working on the improvement of both service quality and support engineers training. We come to take over when your workload is overwhelming – armed with laptops, our teams stay at front lines not only to take care of hundreds of emails but also to hire, train, supervise… Continue Reading Dream Support is exceptionally flexible customer support operation for startups

Bitbar automates mobile build, test, deployment and monitor process for Global 2000 enterprises. We help our customers to deliver more with less people by providing lightning fast Mobile DevOps environments as a preconfigured private, public or on-premise cloud service. Our standout features are unprecedented scalability and industry’s most diverse support… Continue Reading Bitbar – Enterprises Platform that automates mobile build, test, deployment and monitor process.

AppGyver creates user-friendly, business driven tools for rapid app creation. AppGyver Composer lets companies and developers create and distribute sophisticated business to business and business to employee apps. AppGyver’s tools are trusted by over 200,000 users and Fortune 500 companies. AppGyver Composer is rapid development platform that enables developers to… Continue Reading AppGyver – Enterprise full-stack mobile app platform – Build apps visually

EnCloudEn is a technology platform for delivering autonomous hybrid cloud with virtual desktops and hyper-converged infrastructure. We offer the most comprehensive solution in the market to empower mid size organizations adopt the superior IT model swiftly with utmost ease at less than half the cost. http://www.enclouden.com/

Digital Heptagon is the leading Internet marketing company, which enhance your business by providing exceptional online marketing & design services. We believe in maintaining a healthy client relationship by serving the best from our side. https://www.digitalheptagon.com/

AppSay is built to radically transform business communication. Businesses can now engage with customers without the hassles and drawbacks of traditional messaging. For the end users, AppSay presents a unique and non-intrusive way of reaching out to businesses for information, service and support. appSAY is a “non-intrusive” formal communications platform… Continue Reading AppSay is a customer engagement and business communication company.

Netguru is a Poland-based web and mobile development shop specializing in creating online software and outsourcing work. Headquartered in Poznan, Netguru designs, creates and implements systems and applications. The company has been on the market providing Ruby on Rails development services since 2008. As the mobile consumer market continues to… Continue Reading Netguru – Poland-based web and mobile development shop specializing in creating online software and outsourcing work.

There are more than 1 Billion Websites and an uncountable number of news& articles, videos, music files, games and online. But we discover the web still like in the early days of the internet. With Rankle we serve users the best user-curated and user-ranked content in a visual way to… Continue Reading Rankle is a visual Web Discovery and Social Bookmarking Platform

With ContentLook you can uncover marketing threats and opportunities, in real time and as they appear. Work together with your team inside the place where you grab these insights and analyze the data. Set campaigns, KPIs and track all of your targets. All your marketing team and work in one… Continue Reading ContentLook – Find, Analyze and Overcome Marketing Threats. With Your Team.