Listings Ledger Plc – AI powered calculations for private companies. An innovative approach to private company valuation that uses Machine Learning to anchor the derived results from a proprietorial algorithm to the stock market, thereby creating real time instant valuations. Visit Listings Ledger Plc Quick Links Promote Your Startup Get… Continue Reading Listings Ledger

Wozart – Wozart envisions to build sustainable products which simplify and enhance everyday human life while protecting the environment Wozart envisions to build sustainable products which simplify and enhance everyday human life while protecting the environment. Wozart believes the simplification of everyday life is a yardstick for human progress. Our… Continue Reading Wozart is THE Job Board for Full-Stack Developers Full-Stack Developer Jobs is a Job Board for open positions specifically for Full-Stack Developers. Visit Full-Stack Developer Jobs Tweets by Full-Stack Developer Jobs Quick Links Promote Your Startup Get PR for Your Startup Top Startups in India 2019

SEOJet – Instantly build customized backlink strategies for your websites. SEOJet is the original backlink strategy software. Using top 10 ranked data the software shows you exactly what you need to do to build a #1 ranked backlink profile for any page on your site. Visit SEOJet Tweets by SEOJet… Continue Reading SEOJet

Intentico Inc. – We are Cognitive AI Company If you are looking to reduce your customer service costs and enhancing your customer experience, you may want to give us an opportunity to talk to you. We provide Cognitive AI for customer service and you can deploy our conversational Interfaces (AI… Continue Reading Intentico Inc

Winni – An online gift store in India Thinking of how you can send someone a gift to another city? Now put your worries aside and pay a visit to where you can shop for the best online gifts items that suit all age groups and every occasion. Winni… Continue Reading Winni

CMOLDS – Top Mobile App Development Company San Francisco area | CMOLDS USA CMOLDS is top-ranked San Francisco mobile and game development company focusing on iPhone, iPad, Android applications. Contact us now to discuss your project needs. Visit CMOLDS Tweets by CMOLDS Quick Links Promote Your Startup Get PR for… Continue Reading CMOLDS

FreeStaq – Find & Compare Free Business Software FreeStaq, a software comparison tool, makes it easy to find free and open source alternatives to expensive (and overpriced) business software. Quickly compare features, functionality, and user reviews. Visit FreeStaq Tweets by FreeStaq Quick Links Promote Your Startup Get PR for Your… Continue Reading FreeStaq

Growthparty – A curated directory of tools and resources for your work, start-up or side hustle Growthparty it’s a free online directory of resources and tools to help the new generation of creators find the right web tools for their work, startup, or side hustle. The platform features a wide… Continue Reading Growthparty

TimeSnap – Solve your team’s time, billing, and payroll headaches. TimeSnap is affordable web based timesheet software for project and workgroup teams with simple and flexible features to solve your real world administrative problems. TimeSnap makes entering time very quick and intuitive for your team, supports any combination of billing… Continue Reading TimeSnap

Scriby revs up your calendar: create notes, share agendas, chat with customers, build a knowledge base. All from within your calendar. Scriby isn’t just another productivity app though. It’s a paradigm shift. They say calendars are for scheduling. We say they can be a lot more than that. No more… Continue Reading Scriby

Ritikart – One Stop Destination for ethnic and traditional products of Odisha and other Indian states. Ritikart is one of the leading E-Commerce Platform emerged first of its kind to promote the social and economic growth of the Artisans’ Community on global presentation of their products. It is primarily engaged… Continue Reading Ritikart

Kuflink is a peer to peer lending platform providing p2p investments with a focus on Innovative Finance ISAs Kuflink provides peer-to-peer property loans offering lenders the chance to earn up to 7.2% interest pa*. Investors have a choice to lend on a property-by-property basis, diversify their funds in a pool… Continue Reading Kuflink

Embroker Headquartered in San Francisco, Embroker has offices in Chicago and Boston and customers in all 50 states. We’ve been named one the innovators shaping the future of finance by Goldman Sachs and one of the most promising private fintech companies in the world by CB Insights. Embroker is the… Continue Reading Embroker

Pillar Wealth Management – Fee-only Private Wealth Management for Successful Founders Our goal is to sharpen your sense of financial direction in a way that will change your life for the better. When you integrate wealth management with life planning, merging life issues with complex financial strategies, your human and… Continue Reading Pillar Wealth Management

Ahrvo – Empowering Investors To Make Better Decisions Ahrvo is a financial technology company created in March 2017. Ahrvo’s proprietary multi-factor ranking system and resulting AhrvoScores™ help investors and traders of all backgrounds discover stock market winners and make timely and profitable investment decisions among more than 8000 stocks and… Continue Reading Ahrvo – Empowering Investors To Make Better Decisions.

Comms – THE E-commerce platform that helps you present, sell, message and segment in one place — 100% independent. At Comms we genuinely believe that e-commerce can be done better — without middlemen, hidden charges and software that just doesn’t work. No exclusivity, or time-constrained contracts. Just a powerful, complete… Continue Reading Comms – Build a complete online shop that’s yours and yours alone!

inploi – The future of online recruitment, job discovery, and professional networking for blue collar. inploi is a web and app-based platform that helps companies to develop their employer brands, advertise job vacancies, and connect and communicate with candidates. The platform’s rich set of features – from applicant management pipelines,… Continue Reading inploi – The future of online recruitment

TeamworkIQ is an innovative software designed to manage recurring processes, procedures, and workflows. TeamworkIQ is the easiest way to manage recurring processes, procedures, and workflows. + Streamline business operations + Make sure things get done right + Increase accountability + Eliminate costly errors Automate processes and workflows in minutes simply… Continue Reading TeamworkIQ

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