12 Bridges Inc. is a software and cloud service company spun out of Intel’s new business incubator. Our mission is to help connected device makers and connected service providers unleash the business value of data via contextual commerce. Our data services exchange platform addresses the technical development, operational, and most importantly, the business model challenges for connected device makers.

We help connected device makers differentiate their products by enabling them to integrate 3rd party value-added services, that are contextually relevant and optimized for each end customer while bringing in new revenue streams.

For connected service providers we help them efficiently deliver their services at the point of need, integrated into IoT and connected products, optimized for the end customer based on their contextual data. Our product is a cloud-based data management, analytics, and services exchange platform that provides secure and managed Internet connectivity, data management, analytic insights and 3rd party service integration for connected IoT devices

We offer a simple client software development kit for easy integration with IoT hardware or mobile apps, and a hosted cloud platform with APIs for access to data and analytic insights. Customers can choose to integrate 3rd party connected services or analytics apps from our Services Marketplace, and use our hosted data exploration and development environment to develop and deploy their own custom analytics if desired.


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