60seconds App – Catch the moment

60seconds App   http://www.60seconds-app.com/  –  The 60seconds app enables you to preview, search and find events, clubs, locations bars etc near you and across the globe through video highlights.
you will make a well-informed decision on where to spend your time and money after watching videos uploaded to 60seconds plattform.

The video highlights are captured, uploaded or streamed live by users who were or presently in these locations and decided to catch the moment. Event/location owners can also upload/stream-live videos.

Its is also a very interractive social media plattform, where users can connect to other users that share the same vibes with them. users can befriend other users after viewing their videos and with the chat function enabled in the app, users can chat with one another.
Users can comment, like, rate and share videos posted on 60seconds app on other social media plattforms like facebook.

Videos posted on 60secdonds app can only remain there for a maximium period of 8 weeks after this period they will be automatically deleted enabling users to preview and find only recent videos of events etc.

So now that you know what 60seconds is, download the app tell everyone, discover more, catch the meoment and never miss out again!

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