Accialert is a ‘Patented’ solution by Mahapool Pvt Ltd.

This is a solution which notifies concerned people automatically in case of road accident even if driver is unconscious.

Alert Service: Timely information for fast action. We have mapped emergency services across country so that you get the most relevant support when required instantaneously.

Anywhere-Anytime: The free acci-alert app allows everyone to avail alert services anywhere anytime. Additional embedded hardware allows automatic alert without user’s interference in case of road accident / emergency situation.

Emergency Alert: In case of any emergency situation, the acci-alert hardware is fastened to your car to support you and to make you feel more safe and secure to travel back on road.

Most Serious Security System: All your data is encrypted the moment you key-in. Relevant data is shared with users in your personal list and along with local public emergency service at place of incident.

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