AcTouch – We help businesses to grow with Online 2 Offline Business (O2O)

AcTouch  –  Today’s Business Owners / Entrepreneurs have no time and want information on their fingertip to make a decision. But this stand-alone software is neither scalable nor mobile friendly, Cost of ownership is high and that leads to vendor lock-in and they struggle.

This is sweet spot that we identified a Business opportunity and defined few basic tenets around which our product would be serving SMEs like Low cost of ownership, ability to switch the vendor, no need to learn new technology or maintain the software or free upgrade etc.

The second sweet spot is connecting the Brick and Mortar business to Internet and sell their products in online (Online 2 Offline) helps SMEs to use the product while we ensure all software upgrades, DB backups and make sure that he runs his business without any problems. The ERP has Sales, Purchase, Inventory Control, Manufacturing, Finance, Post Sales Warranty, Sales Quotes, CRM, MRP etc

We are the one of very few ERP that’s focused on the Manufacturing segment, as it requires a special expertise and business knowledge too. 45% of our customer base is from Medium to large manufacturers. We built our strength to help manufacturing companies with our many outstanding features.

Our main strength is inventory / Stock management with ABC (Activity based Costing) from raw materials to Finished Goods level. We built stock import features to manage the Import cost of materials with Multi currency.

Our Cloud ERP has modules like BOM, Work Order management, Shop floor controls with Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) etc. We handle the entire Subcontracting operations with stock tracking and Jobwork operations for your customers etc. We do have Sales, Purchase, Finance and Inventory controls to help these operations.

We built Warranty module for large OEMs. We have CRM and Dealer Management solutions for large distributors to manage Production with Sales & Support.

We have customers from different manufacturing verticals like Injection Molding, Garden tools, Hand Tools and Forging components manufactures, Auto components to large Machine Manufacturers, Switches and Controls, Cranes and Elevators manufactures, LED lights and electronics, OEMs etc.

We have customers from eCommerce, fasteners, Traders, new age technology companies too.

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