Advanced AI Capabilities and Closed API Make THINK the Most Sophisticated and Secure Social Application

SAN FRANCISCO, April 10, 2018 — San Francisco based THINKthenlive presents THINK, the world’s first location-based social network where users share their moments and explore places on a secured interactive map. Never before have users been able to break from the limitations of their existing social feeds to discover what is happening around them or across the globe.

This new platform – designed for the significant segment of social media users who want to elevate their digital experience – is architected from the ground up with the same breakthrough Python AI software used by Amazon and Netflix. The AI capability is laid over a geo-tagged interactive map allowing users to effortlessly navigate the world within seconds. Users can more effectively connect with their community, follow breaking news, or see what’s happening in the places they care about most, while also sharing their own stories to their public or private map.

Leveraging powerful AI capabilities like no other social media platform; THINK is the most sophisticated social application in the marketplace. The design enables a richer, more efficient social environment where the most accurate posts rise to the top of a user’s chronological newsfeed. It also adheres to the highest industry standards of security and privacy, as its closed API prohibits third parties from accessing, mining, and exploiting users’ information.

“I have built THINK to be an intelligent way for people to connect,” said THINKthenlive Founder and CEO Jerome Naidoo. “We’ve made it fully mobile with integrated geo-location, high content curation capabilities, and the highest level of privacy for our users. We’ve created the dream social foundation for the future.”

THINK, which took four years to build including a year of beta testing at San Francisco State University and University of San Francisco, is designed to become the new gold standard of mobile social interaction through its many user features and benefits, such as:
Ad Free: The home map and connected news feed will remain advertisement free to ensure a pure user experience.

Security Standards: The platform is a member of the European Union’s Privacy Shield program adhering to the industry’s highest security standards. Additionally, its closed API does not allow third parties to access the platform to mine users’ personal data.

Chronological Newsfeed: The newsfeed is chronological allowing the most recent information to come to users first.

Heatmap: THINK’s map gives users a visual hotspot when stories and trending events are popping up. Users can see both friend and public posts on the map.

THINKcam Dual Recording: This feature allows users to switch between the selfie and rear-facing camera in the same recording, while also allowing the user to add video effects in selfie mode that change their environment. THINK will instantly stitch together the front and rear recordings into one cohesive video.

THINKgame Level Up: THINK gives users XPs (experience points) based on THINK usage. The more XPs a user has, the more credible and visible they are on the map.

THINKchat: THINK includes an easy chat feature, which allows users to write secure messages to friends or groups.

Media Rich: Users are only allowed to post to THINK’s map if they attach a photo or video, ensuring a media rich experience for all users.

About Jerome Naidoo

THINK Founder and CEO Jerome Naidoo has more than 15 years of experience in the technology and startup space. With an extensive background in physics, computer science and business development, he has successfully lead four startups from concept to delivery.
Naidoo founded THINKthenlive (beta: Saybubble), a privately held company, in 2014. With THINK, he addresses the blind spots in current social communication platforms. Namely, the flow of information and the inability to know what is happening down the street or across the world. His frustration with current platforms lead him to invest more than three years of his time personally developing THINK’s revolutionary AI Python architecture.

Before founding THINK, Naidoo was CEO of Solarworld WA, the fastest growing solar company in Western Australia, and CEO/Managing Director of FBM R9 Building Material, the world’s strongest insulating building solution, which he invented.

Born in South Africa under apartheid, Naidoo escaped by immigrating to New Zealand. Later, he moved to Australia for studies and relocated his family to San Francisco in 2015 to complete the beta and production versions of THINK. The spectrum of living in four countries has provided Naidoo a unique spectrum and understanding of social interactions. Encouraging our community to embrace socially located thinking has become his mission; he aims to help people share unique local thoughts, community action & events, and their general love of life.

Naidoo currently lives in San Francisco with his wife, son, and twin daughters.

Please visit to learn more or download the platform.
Available in the iTunes and Google Play app stores under THINK thenlive.

About Company – THINK is a social network for anyone who wants to connect to their family, friends, and community in a more meaningful way. Share your posts privately or show the public the stories and events the community and world need to see on the interactive map. THINK’s closed Api means your data can’t be accessed by advertisers, companies, or individuals. –
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