Ghostboard – Analytics for your Ghost blog Ghostboard  –  Ghostboard provides real-time analytics of your Ghost blog, not only about visits and readers, but also about the posts content, SEO insights, email reports and more. It’s ultra-easy to setup just pasting a line, no theme integration, without cookies and 100%… Continue Reading Ghostboard – Analytics for your Ghost blog

WebsiteChecker – Comprehensive web analytics & monitoring made easy WebsiteChecker  –  WebsiteChecker is a super easy to use digital marketing tool to analyze & monitor all ‘need-to-know’ metrics about any website. Perfect for active digital marketers and agencies, WebsiteChecker allows you to see everything about a website in one simple… Continue Reading WebsiteChecker – Comprehensive web analytics & monitoring made easy

Countly ( –  Countly is an enterprise grade analytics and marketing platform for mobile, web, desktop and IoT applications. More than 2000 Countly Servers worldwide collect data from 14000+ applications. Countly is available in two different editions – self hosted or private cloud Enterprise Edition with premium plugins and customisable SLA,… Continue Reading Countly – Countly Analytics Platform

Datasenze delivers custom analytics at your doorstep – so we’re talking no licensing fees, no contracts, no complex tool installations. Just hassle free decision-making! You have the data, we have the analytics! At Datasenze we believe that analytics should be available to everyone regardless of the size of their organization.… Continue Reading Datasenze – Delivering custom analytics at your doorstep

Plango makes it fun and easy to make plans with your friends, on the go. Plango combines elements of social media with calendaring in one social communications tool. Plango is optimized for mobile use and integrates with Facebook to make planning social and fun, featuring real-time SMS / push messaging,… Continue Reading Plango – social media with calendaring in one social communications tool.

Euler Systems uses data science and AI to revolutionise businesses that may not be native AI and data businesses. The strong co-founding team behind Euler Systems include Himanshu Nautiyal, Krishna Raghav and Sandeep Kadam. Himanshu is the former head of Data Science at Yahoo. Krishna was a hedge fund analyst… Continue Reading Euler Systems – Enhancing asset yield using AI and data science

vPhrase helps companies make their reports easy to understand by explaining the insights in words, using AI. The company’s patent pending platform, Phrazor, analyses data, derives insights and then communicates those insights, in words, in multiple languages. It automates the work of analysis and communication which is the forte of… Continue Reading vPhrase helps companies communicate insights from their data

DSYH solves the biggest pain point in Ecommerce Seller Ecosystem of “Reconciliation” across multiple marketplaces from a single window. We connect multi-channel enterprise companies to their sales channels, orders, inventory data, and Reconciliation under various heads, while providing big-picture perspective enabling you to save money. A product built out of… Continue Reading DSYH – Ecommerce Inventory Reconciliation Management

CallHealth is a technology-powered healthcare company that has built the world’s first integrated virtual-and-mobility platform to bring “Everything about Health” to the doorstep of the customer in and outside India. It is the first and only company in the world – To provide an eHealth Platform that leverages Technology, Knowledge… Continue Reading CallHealth is a technology-powered healthcare company – Everything about Health

Walkbase is the leading in-store analytics and marketing platform for retailers and airports to measure, optimise and personalise the omnichannel customer experience. Just like web analytics platforms have revolutionised the online shopping experience, Walkbase provides the same level of personalisation to brick-and-mortar stores through smartphone engagement. Based on patented indoor… Continue Reading Walkbase – Next generation retail analytics

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