Beta Shim and Suneratech Partner to Help Aircraft OEMs and Suppliers Digitalize Supply Chain and Improve Productivity

Beta Shim, a leading aerospace manufacturing solutions provider, and Suneratech, a leader in digital transformation software solutions that enables companies to build digital supply chains, announced they are partnering to offer aerospace manufacturing companies easily deployment of digital supply chain solution. This will make it possible for aerospace suppliers and OEMs to digitally track the work-in-progress of jobs and share accurate shipping dates of parts.


Suneratech, the company behind the award-winning eSeal digital supply chain platform, has seen a rapid adoption of supply chain digitization by manufacturers in aerospace, automotive, electronics, appliances, etc., across the world.

Today, it’s imperative for manufacturers to track every product down to its components across the entire supply chain in real-time. Any solution short of this cannot match today’s standards of customer experience. eSeal powers manufacturers’ supply chain, marketing, customer support and compliance in ways that they never deemed possible, and that has contributed to the success of eSeal.

Ravi Reddy,
CEO of Suneratech.

The eSeal, an IoT solution that runs on Cloud enables customers to tag and track their inventory down to each individual stock keeping unit (SKU) at every node in their manufacturing and supply chain, creating opportunities for warehouse automation, warranty control, customer relationship management and inventory optimization.

With eSeal, we enabled WIP traceability in our manufacturing plant. For example, eSeal gave our customer, Sikorsky Helicopters (Lockheed Martin), a window into our inventory. Their expeditors and production planners are for the first time able to see the parts at supplier locations in real-time allowing them to prioritize their orders and planning. It can be further expanded to make their entire supply chain digital. We see this investment as a game-changer for our business.

Zachariah Pratt,
VP of Manufacturing at Beta Shim.

We look forward to the business partnership of Suneratech and Beta Shim to present eSeal to the manufacturing industry to increase customer satisfaction and efficiency with suppliers. We value this project as a vehicle to growth within our industry and beyond.

Sandra R. McCue,
CFO of Beta Shim.

Before eSeal, all of Beta Shim inventory parts were tracked down manually. With eSeal, Beta Shim and its customers such as Sikorsky can service its customers in the most efficient and accurate way. eSeal’s supply-chain digitalization – offers accurate estimates and faster billing.

Sudheer Mareddi,
Managing Director at Suneratech.

eSeal solution is easy to adopt. It’s pre-built solution with a packaged IoT kit makes it easy for manufacturing companies to adopt at a reduced upfront investment by more than 70 percent. The setup is eight weeks. The consumption-based pricing model makes it the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. The true value of eSeal is in the improvements it brings to business operations that becomes evident and should start seeing immediately, said Harsh Kumar, Director of Customer Relations, Beta Shim & Suneratech Alliance.

About Suneratech

Sunera Technologies Inc. is a leader in digital transformation of enterprise companies. Suneratech offers cutting-edge IT automation and digital solutions to manufacturing customers. This includes the supply chain IoT platform eSeal and the intelligent Bot-enabled customer support platform ServiceNext. Based on its proprietary SWITCH framework, Suneratech enables companies to gradually transition to digital through automation, migration and innovation with its comprehensive suite of services and solutions.

About Beta Shim

Beta Shim Co. specializes in range of precision components for the aerospace needs ranging from standard shims to complex machined components. Beta Shim truly understands the importance of client’s requirements and customer driven from day one, with an impeccable Quality rating. Beta Shim is committed to excellence in meeting customer’s expectations by conforming to the customer’s requirements, utilize State of the Art equipment to produce and Inspect product to achieve State of the Art results adhering to ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Quality Management Standards.

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