Beyonk – Beyonk is the marketplace for adventure. We’re making it easier to discover great outdoor activities in stunning locations across the UK and beyond, with passionate and qualified adventure leaders.

The Beyonk journey started on a far-from-typical British day – the sun was shining, an uncharacteristically warm summer breeze blew across the city, and Beyonk founder Oscar White was looking for something new to do outdoors around London. Seeking an adventure that would offer a feeling of escaping the city, he was determined to make the most of the British countryside.

After multiple Google searches, tab after tab, page after page, and feeling the time pressure as morning turned afternoon, Oscar finally found the perfect adventure – A guided hike in the hills of Surrey, just a short trip from London. And so it was, a relaxed, energising mini adventure with a lovely bunch of like-minded outdoors enthusiasts.

This ignited Oscar’s passion for micro adventures, but the challenges he faced finding and booking this trip also inspired him to create Beyonk – a central platform to help adventure-seekers find experiences on their doorsteps and beyond.

Since then, Team Beyonk have built relationships with some of the best adventure leaders across the UK and further afield. We’ve developed software to make it easier and simpler to find and book adventures with qualified, seasoned professionals (the real stars of the show). We want to change the image of adventuring, making it truly accessible even if you’re much more Marks & Spencers than mountain goat. This means ensuring there are a whole host of adventures available to cater to all ability levels, with clear and detailed information on equipment required (usually included) and logistics – so you can just turn up and get stuck in!

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