Founded in 2015, StarClinch is India’s largest platform in the entertainment industry that connects artists with talent-seekers in an online setup that is safe, easy and transparent. The company houses the largest database of 9000+ artists on board, out of which, over 1700 entertainers have engaged in booking so far. The company has done business of over INR 2 crore since its inception. The company runs with an employee-strength of 30, and is currently based out of New Delhi, and has been surviving in the competition without funding. “The entertainment industry is getting huge in India due to the rise of social media platforms and their awareness. As a result, we are easily going around with a monthly average of 200 artist bookings,” explains Varun Agrawal, Founder & CEO of the company. Varun is an ex-Investment Banker with ICICI Bank, and holds a post-graduate degree in Business Administration from FORE School of Management.

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