CallHealth is a technology-powered healthcare company that has built the world’s first integrated virtual-and-mobility platform to bring “Everything about Health” to the doorstep of the customer in and outside India.

It is the first and only company in the world –

To provide an eHealth Platform that leverages Technology, Knowledge and Human Capital for comprehensive patient-centric services – Anytime, Anywhere. It’s organizational design is focused on productizing services at the enterprise level and on a scale that has never been envisioned anywhere before. All this, combined with its franchise-based growth model will position Call Health to access 450 million customers in India alone within 5 years.

A paradigm shift in thinking, leading to a revolutionary change

CallHealth is building the innovation mindset of a start-up and in doing so, harnessing the collective knowledge & resources of its exceptional workforce.

Providing its workforce the immense opportunity to –

A) Create a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery, not just in India, but in other countries as well!

B) Harness the power of IOT to truly integrate and transform healthcare delivery and

C) Develop, aggregate and analyze individual data, converting them into big-data algorithms to enable evidence based, personalized and more effective healthcare solutions.

To know more on how CallHealth’s hybrid business model combined with disruptive innovation is well-poised to transform the way healthcare is delivered in the world.

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