Cloudpap – Invovative cloud storage, cloud backup solution Cloudpap  –  A platform that keeps data in the loud safe, providing cloud storage, cloud backup and cloud collaborations for personal and team use.

56K.Cloud – Innovation through Automation 56K.Cloud  –  We are a Cloud & Technology Native solutions provider focusing on automation of cloud infrastructures. We are an experienced team which have been working with Cloud Native space since the beginning.

Backup Bird Backup Bird ApS  –  Backup Bird – Get rid of meaningless notifications in your inbox – Monitor all your backups from a single place with ease.

INVOKE Cloud – Cloud cost optimization solution INVOKE Cloud  –  Enables teams to reduce their #AWS #cloud hosting #costs between 50% to 80%. Better than #EC2 #schedulers.

Bitbar automates mobile build, test, deployment and monitor process for Global 2000 enterprises. We help our customers to deliver more with less people by providing lightning fast Mobile DevOps environments as a preconfigured private, public or on-premise cloud service. Our standout features are unprecedented scalability and industry’s most diverse support… Continue Reading Bitbar – Enterprises Platform that automates mobile build, test, deployment and monitor process.

We provide a robust platform on cloud to digitally capture patient data securely. The use of cutting-edge technology helps improve patient treatment outcomes and enables better analytic insights. The products designed by CAREDATA are well-positioned to process a wide range of samples, from over 20,000 samples per day (in bigger… Continue Reading CAREDATA Infomatics, a leading healthcare tech platform for laboratories and hospitals.

Password Management and Online Identity Protection SaferPass helps you securely store your passwords and automatically logs you into all your accounts. No more remembering passwords for every site. Let SaferPass automatically log you in to your favorite websites without having to worry about finding passwords again. Your encryption key is… Continue Reading SaferPass – Password Management and Online Identity Protection

“Threatcare simplifies product evaluations and security controls monitoring by carrying out on-demand simulations.” Most companies are unable to verify that their security controls are properly protecting them, enabling hackers to easily steal sensitive information without detection. Many major companies spend millions on cybersecurity yearly, yet are usually not protected —… Continue Reading Threatcare – Cybersecurity platform for product evaluations, security controls monitoring

EnCloudEn is a technology platform for delivering autonomous hybrid cloud with virtual desktops and hyper-converged infrastructure. We offer the most comprehensive solution in the market to empower mid size organizations adopt the superior IT model swiftly with utmost ease at less than half the cost.

Usetrace artificial users replaces repetitive testing in growth companies. Usetrace is a web software Testing-as-a-Service designed for agile teams. Usetrace is an artificial software tester who tirelessly tests that your web app user interface works as expected. In Usetrace you automate cloud computers to test your site. How to create… Continue Reading Usetrace develops test automation solutions for web applications

ContractRoom is the first cloud-based platform to automate mission critical document processes for any business transaction end-to-end. It can do the simple stuff such as provide electronic signature and storage, but more importantly, it simplifies the process where it begins – in negotiation. Getting people to agree in a productive… Continue Reading ContractRoom is the first cloud-based platform to automate mission critical document processes for any business transaction end-to-end.

REVE Chat Overview REVE Chat is a multi-channel cloud based live chat platform that enables online businesses to engage with their website visitors in real-time. As a live chat software, it helps to offer instant assistance to the website visitors, get customer feedback, improve sales conversions and build brand loyalty.… Continue Reading REVE Chat cloud based live chat platform – Grow Your Business With Instant Customer Engagement

Heptio is a company by founders of the Kubernetes® project, built to support and advance the open Kubernetes ecosystem. Heptio bridges the gap between enterprise IT, and the emerging world of cloud-native computing. Use tools, technology, and operations models pioneered by the internet giants, but built from the ground up… Continue Reading Heptio bridges the gap between enterprise IT, and the emerging world of cloud-native computing. was established in 2005 with a vision of providing best in class yet affordable web hosting services and technologies to our customers in India and overseas. We are committed to providing highly reliable, transparent, secure and affordable hosting solutions to individuals and businesses. Our team of highly qualified and… Continue Reading – Leading Web Hosting Service Provider.

Octopai – Turning Days of Bi Manual Work Into Seconds An automated, centralized, cross-platform metadata search engine that enables BI groups to quickly and precisely discover and govern shared metadata. Software, Master Data Management, Data governance, BI Repo, Meta Data management, business, Education, Science, metadata management tool, managed metadata service… Continue Reading Octopai – Turning Days of Bi Manual Work Into Seconds

Little Warden will save you time, money and stress by monitoring for any website changes Offer your clients a better service by proactively checking for changes and preventing them undermining your hard work. Domain & SSL Expiration, redirect and response code checks, indexability and change monitoring, Little Warden handles everything… Continue Reading Little Warden – Website Monitoring Service

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