Clust – As part of your job, you usually need to collect documents, files or information from people. It could be suppliers, clients, colleagues, students parents.
In any case, you must find this process pretty cumbersome if not tedious, don’t you?
All the back-and-forth, reminders, emails often delay your work and make you lose money.
Not anymore with Clust! It’s a beautifully simple web app that anyone can use to request files and work on them collaboratively without a headache.

All you have to do is to list the documents/files or information you require and send them to our recipient as a Clust Document request.

The beneficiary then enters a secure client portal where they can upload their documents, via your shared files, send you messages seamlessly.

Once files are returned you can approve/deny them, download them to your favorite cloud storage solution or even collaborate on them with stakeholders without picking the phone.

Clust comes with tons of action-packed features such as online forms, file requests, automated reminders, due dates, cloud sync’ and more…

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