Coinsecure is an Indian, real-time bitcoin trading platform that allows its users to buy and sell bitcoins. It enables the trading process through deposits and withdrawals of bitcoins and Indian rupees.

Coinsecure’s goal is to help a wide range of merchants, developers, stakeholders, and other parts of the ecosystem that need easy access to bitcoins in India. It was launched in 2015.

The app enables users to buy, sell, send, receive and accept Bitcoin with ease. Users can place their bids and asks, withdraw and deposit funds, and check pending orders. While the app targets traders, it is simple and easy to use for beginners as well.

Coinsecure was built with the motto of “Connecting India to Bitcoin”. Today we focus on “Building an entire eco – system for Bitcoin and Blockchain in India” and we have been able to accomplish this with the array of products and services that we offer.

Apart from being the largest and best Bitcoin exchange, Coinsecure offers a Bitcoin wallet, A Blockchain solution (the Block explorer), merchant gateway, comprehensive API’s and a testnet service.

Coinsecure intends to be the one stop shop for all Bitcoin and Blockchain related needs and accomplishes them through several partnerships across the globe.

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