Comms – THE E-commerce platform that helps you present, sell, message and segment in one place — 100% independent.

At Comms we genuinely believe that e-commerce can be done better — without middlemen, hidden charges and software that just doesn’t work. No exclusivity, or time-constrained contracts. Just a powerful, complete solution for a more profitable e-shop. Back in 2013 when Comms founders were organizing their first edition of the Hard Island festival, they discovered that all the available e-commerce software was simply not enough to keep up with their high demands, and often had hidden fees proportional to the value of their sales. So they built a customized tool that made their e-shop more profitable, reliable and performant. After realizing that others could also benefit from this improved solution, why keep it to themselves? That’s how Comms was born, with the mission to disrupt the e-commerce software industry! Our platform not only offers all the tools you need for fee-free e-commerce transactions for merchants, but also equips you with automated email marketing, scheduling, booking, ticketing, and even a comprehensive web builder. Basically, we provide you with all the necessary tools under one umbrella, and not charge anything but our maintenance costs! Sweet, right? We know it’s a bold move. But all the major paradigm changes in history came from a loco that believed in thinking differently and not conforming to societal rules. We’re one of those.

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