ConnectUpz – Using technology to combat digital disruption

ConnectUpz  –  The QR SCANNER REWARDS APP now on Kickstarter. Using technology to combat digital disruption.

“Finally an app that lets you get rewarded when you make your daily purchases from almost any merchant.” Like buying your morning coffee on your way to work, eating lunch at your favourite restaurant or even getting your nails done over the weekend, from almost anywhere.

Why are we helping small business owners? 

Many small retail businesses are closing down with the new age of digital disruption. We intend to help small business owners all over the world, with our QR Scanner Rewards App – Using Technology to Combat Digital Disruption.

Lets give back the the small business owners all of the world who has given so much to us yet are feeling the hard effects of competing with large brands and online platforms. (What these big boys have is apps, customer relationship platforms) Let’s give make it available to all small merchants with a FREE Startup account.

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