Contus Vplay – Online video on demand platform & Live streaming solution.

Contus Vplayis an enterprise video on demand solution that makes video broadcasting, video monetization and content management a breeze. It comes with video distribution and monetization capabilities, helping you create a strong and seamless video distribution network and monetize your video to increase revenue.

Contus Vplay offers top notch extended security for all your video contents with encryption, DRM, and access control. Its strong security protocols prevent hackers from accessing, tampering, and manipulating your videos to suit their agenda. With its exhaustive encryption strategy, all vital and sensitive information found in your videos are totally secure and protected from unauthorized access. Contus Vplay also helps you determine viewing patterns, preferences, browsing, and other behavioral indicators of your audience. You can then utilize the information you get by providing personalized suggestions that drive them to clicks on your videos, thereby increasing your sales while growing your audience.

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