allows companies and startups to allocate a percentage of future sales to the crowd to help give feedback and work to validate their product. If a business has success with sales the crowd earns crowdshares in return for their solutions and ideas. For the first time, everyone can now earn shares not for money, but for time.
Currently for beta (although may change from our crowdholder’s feedback) every startup on our application is sharing 1% of their revenue to the public by rewarding a crowd currency “crowdshares.” One percent of revenue equals 1 million crowdshares. They then use these crowdshares when giving out tasks on an upvoting forum. The crowd, which we call “Crowdholders” gives feedback and ideas regarding the task and votes their favorite solution. The crowdshares for that task is then distributed by the ranking of the votes. Crowdshares have a one-year expiration date from the day the company begins making revenue on the day the shares are distributed. For the first time, entrepreneurs can have the public work for them and validate their product! And if you are a Crowdholder, the content you produce is finally worth something!

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