Uptown18, with all its heart and soul into carving the best of home decor, phone covers, laptop sleeves tend to make its customers happy with the flawless crafting, finishing and designing. We bring you some super-fun, quirky and colourful products to turn the heads wherever you go. With the best of designs by the top notch designers from across the globe, we present the best picks to grace up your home, phone or laptop. We keep aside the ordinary stuff, it is just not what we like, rather we prefer things above the mundane to make your days cheerful. Hence, all our stuff is exciting enough to make your shopping a pleasurable experience. Not only this, we are driven by creativity and art. Feel artsy by personalizing and customizing products as per your requirements. Everything can be tailor-made as per your specifications and we deliver the best version of your provided design or idea. We celebrate individuality and therefore, we have this whole, separate section of customization on our website to give you full freedom to design your imaginative idea and transform it into the products you’d want to see it on.
We are tad more quirky and we tend to bring a wide smile on our customer’s face by presenting them some fun-loving and coolest products that are distinctive in their creation. Upgrade your home and closet with the quirky-smirky collection of UPTOWN18. Offering the biggest catalogue of fun tees, some very cool phone covers, and quirkiest stationery, we believe in serving our customers with premium quality and exceptional customer-service. Spreading-the-art is our motto and you will find enormous art pieces for your phone, school, college, wardrobe and home.
Spot the quirk at our web store and drop by us anytime to explore our very vibrant and joyous array of lifestyle products and we’ll make sure that you don’t leave empty-handed! You’ll be delighted to see our wide range of premium phone covers and home decors, believe us they are exactly what you need to grace up your phone and home gorgeously. Shopping turned into an artsy and creative fashion exclusively for our lovable customers. Happy to serve you with the best of products!!

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