DataGlen, a Bangalore based startup focuses on building cutting edge Big Data technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is entering mainstream with the proliferation of embedded and interconnected computing devices. We are addressing the key challenge of collecting, curating, managing, and processing massive amounts of spatiotemporal data generated by such devices. We have built a suite of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) products that enables enterprises to monitor, manage and optimize their assets.

Our offerings include a data gateway capable of interacting with the industrial assets (such as wind turbines, solar inverters, vehicles,medical devices, etc.), a horizontal IoT data collection platform to securely collect, curate and store high volume time-series data, and a framework for configurable data analytics and visualization. Our customers gain real-time insights into assets’ operations, swiftly identify and resolve maintenance issues, and boost their direct and indirect revenue streams.

Our USP is an end-to-end vertical agnostic, scalable and secure technology stack that streamlines the integration of IoT into new businesses for operational intelligence. We have previously enabled applications in the energy, logistics and health care domains, with primary focus on the renewable sector – especially Solar, Energy Storage, Microgrid management. We presently monitor and help manage more than 250 MW of grid connected and rooftop solar installations across India and our customers include top Solar IPPs, EPCs and panel manufacturers.

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