DebtCase – Making debt collection a three-click process

DebtCase  –  DebtCase helps SMEs collect their overdue invoices by streamlining the entire process and keeping them informed along the way via email and text message.

First you connect your account
Then you select an overdue invoice
Finally you submit the invoice for collection

We then match your debtor with one of our Collection Agencies, who act on your behalf to recover the debt.

It’s free to use, there are no subscription charges or sign-ups fees, plus we don’t use automated emails or pseudo-AI; your debtors will find it harder to ignore a real person on the other end of the phone!

Plus, as our agencies add their commission on top of the debt, you could receive the entire outstanding balance. No charge.

We’ve been pre-approved by Xero and looking for more beta-testers to help us get listed on their marketplace.

NOTE: We can only currently collect invoices for UK companies, but you don’t need to have an overdue invoice to help test our system. Just connect your Xero account and search your invoices… that would be really helpful. Thanks.

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