eResource Scheduler is an intuitive & easy to use resource management, planning & scheduling software developed for organizations who regularly schedule their employees and other non-human resources on different projects.

eResource Scheduler is specially designed and developed to enable organizations to efficiently schedule & plan their resources on project / events / Jobs etc. Its client-server architecture allows multiple users to collaborate and share data in real-time. This provides real-time visibility of resources across the organization, even if an organization is spread across multiple cities or countries. eRS can be easily configured to schedule employees / staff or custom defined resources such as rooms, equipment, vehicles etc. In this process, eRS employee scheduler also maximizes utilization at all levels of the organization. Ease of use and high level of configurability makes this resource scheduler popular among people who regularly schedule & plan employees and other resources.

Main Features Include:

– Detailed Resource Profiling
– Project / Job / Event Profiling
– Drag & drop scheduling.
– Create Recurrence Bookings
– Copy and Paste Working Calendars
– Create 24 hours Working Calendar
– Ability to add hyperlinks in notes section
– Define Working Day Exceptions.
– Define Resource Requirement at Project Level
– Generate Gap Report (highlights resource gap)
– Timesheet
– Resource Utilization / Availability Report
– Resource Forecasting Report
– Resource Financial Report
– User Access Rights

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