Exzbit – Move your trade show online. Faster, easier

Exzbit   https://www.exzbit.com  –  Organisers or associations who host a trade show, exhibition or event are always looking for ways to improve on engagement with members and visitors. In a technological advanced era, the digital marketplace is gaining traction as an effective mean of reaching a wider global audience, enabling discovery whilst overcoming the limitations of time and location of a physical event.
That is where Exzbit comes in. Exzbit is a turnkey solution that easily incorporates e-commerce into exhibitions, conventions and trade shows, bringing your event to the consumer. It is a straightforward and affordable platform that complements any physical event. It allows event organisers, exhibitors and attendees to engage with each other before, providing a unrivalled customer experience.

In just minutes, Exzbit allows you to create a white-label online marketplace for any event. It is fully hosted, multi-lingual, and easy to customize. No technical knowledge is needed, allowing you to quickly deploy Exzbit to your events. Exhibitors can list and promote their brand, inventories and services, accept online payments, or do offline sales on the event floor with our white-label point-of-sales (POS) app that works seamlessly with your online marketplace. Your event marketplace can run for as long or short as you like, whether it is just for a week, or 24/7/365. With the ability to expand and access new markets and customers, the potential for monetization is limitless.

Future proof your trade show and event. Create an online marketplace for your convention, exhibition or tradeshow to drive engagement, profit and productivity. Contact us now for a demo and let Exzbit show you how to generate more revenue in this digital era.

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