is one of India’s leading personalized financial marketplace. AFINOZ.COM is an online financial marketplace for customized rate quotes on loans and investment products in India. The company is owned by DS Finworld Pvt. Ltd. Our objective is to make personal financial decisions easy, seamless and transparent for our customers.… Continue Reading Afinoz

Investica – A mutual fund investment platform to invest, track and manage your investment. Mutual Funds have emerged as the go to investment instrument for many, Investica as a platform facilitates this need of easy, hassle-free investment with a cutting-edge, user-friendly Mutual Fund Investment Platform. With detailed instructions and curated… Continue Reading Investica

Listings Ledger Plc – AI powered calculations for private companies. An innovative approach to private company valuation that uses Machine Learning to anchor the derived results from a proprietorial algorithm to the stock market, thereby creating real time instant valuations. Visit Listings Ledger Plc Quick Links Promote Your Startup Get… Continue Reading Listings Ledger

Kuflink is a peer to peer lending platform providing p2p investments with a focus on Innovative Finance ISAs Kuflink provides peer-to-peer property loans offering lenders the chance to earn up to 7.2% interest pa*. Investors have a choice to lend on a property-by-property basis, diversify their funds in a pool… Continue Reading Kuflink

Pillar Wealth Management – Fee-only Private Wealth Management for Successful Founders Our goal is to sharpen your sense of financial direction in a way that will change your life for the better. When you integrate wealth management with life planning, merging life issues with complex financial strategies, your human and… Continue Reading Pillar Wealth Management

VentuRank – Data intake and analytics dashboard for busy VC professionals VentuRank scores every startup that engages with your firm based on your exact portfolio interests. No more sifting through the noise to find the hidden gems. No more email, LinkedIN and contact page submissions. We’ve made it easy to… Continue Reading VentuRank

Ahrvo – Empowering Investors To Make Better Decisions Ahrvo is a financial technology company created in March 2017. Ahrvo’s proprietary multi-factor ranking system and resulting AhrvoScores™ help investors and traders of all backgrounds discover stock market winners and make timely and profitable investment decisions among more than 8000 stocks and… Continue Reading Ahrvo – Empowering Investors To Make Better Decisions.

acasa – all your bills in one app. all your bills in one app. hassle free. Internet, electricity, gas, water all set up in less than 3 minutes at NO extra cost. Get it now! Visit acasa Tweets by acasa Quick Links Promote Your Startup Get PR for Your Startup… Continue Reading acasa – all your bills in one app

Lending Kart – Small Business loans – Apply Instant Business loans in India | Lending Kart LendingKart Finance Limited is a non-deposit taking NBFC providing working capital loans and business loans to SMEs across India. We give you access to capital in a completely online, quick process with minimum documents… Continue Reading LendingKart – Apply Instant Business loans in India

OpenDigits – OpenDigits helps tech startups let go of their bookkeeping. OpenDigits is a cloud bookkeeping solution designed for tech startups. By combining industry-leading software with the expertise of real accountants, OpenDigits takes bookkeeping off your to-do list so that you can focus on scaling your business. Visit OpenDigits Tweets… Continue Reading OpenDigits

Quantexa – Quantexa is the only vendor to create a 360° network view of the customer, in real time, through dynamic entity resolution and network generation. By leveraging internal data and integrating external data sources, Quantexa helps organizations to create context and determine customer behaviors, connections and relationships. We provide… Continue Reading Quantexa

AFINOZ is best online financial marketplace in India which offers an absolute spectrum of financial products ranging from retail lending products such as personal loan, Investment Advisory,Insurance. Visit Afinoz Tweets by Afinoz Quick Links Get Featured on Startup Directory Startup Press Release Submission Form Top Startups in India 2019

key2investors – Get your first investor! key2investors is a platform for startup founders who want to get their first investor. We provide guidance, tools and templates to get you started quickly. Use our 5-step process to plan and implement your own investor-readiness process. Learn how to do a solid valuation… Continue Reading key2investors – Get your first investor

Tookitaki – Tookitaki is providing enterprise software solutions that create sustainable compliance programs in financial service industry. We are innovating the regulatory compliance space by moving beyond rules based applications and introducing software solutions to maximize efficiency and reduce risks in these processes. Our mission is to provide machine learning… Continue Reading Tookitaki

Innovo42 – Empowering teams to become more productive We take pride in being a small yet diverse team of solution engineers, finance experts, marketers, designers, and inventors who take the digital space seriously. Our mission is to cut through the noise of inefficient expense and invoice management and empower businesses… Continue Reading Innovo42 – Empowering teams to become more productive

Froot Research – Froot, is a research & development startup with focus on realization of human-like or superior intelligence through computation models. Froot’s intuitive and target-less Artificial intelligence models power all their product and make them stand out. Froot was named Artificial Intelligence Startup of the Year 2018 by business… Continue Reading Froot Research

Raizers – Raizers is an online investment platform that allows every person or company to build and follow its own portfolio through a full catalogue of European SMEs, selected by our analysts team. Since its accreditation as Participative Investment Advisor in France, Raizers opened offices in Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.… Continue Reading Raizers – European Investment Platform

Pilot is a bookkeeping company for startups, and we’re unique in three key ways: 1. Our bookkeepers are assisted by a team of engineers that automate the most error-prone parts of the work, so your books are always incredibly accurate. 2. We’re laser-focused on world-class customer service. Basically, we’re what… Continue Reading Pilot – Bookkeeping for startups

Otis Wealth, Inc – Invest in collectibles, fine art, and physical spaces for as little as $100 Otis is a marketplace for investing in collectibles, fine art, and physical spaces for as little as $100. We acquire high-quality assets, turn them into smaller shares, and offer them as equity investments.… Continue Reading Otis Wealth, Inc

SQRL – The only way to invest in your physical and financial wellbeing in one place. SQRL – Growing healthcare costs are being displaced onto consumers. Saving is out of reach for most Americans with over 60% with less than $1000 in savings and 34% with nothing saved. Financial stress… Continue Reading SQRL – The only way to invest in your physical and financial wellbeing in one place

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