Fly Nimbus – Travel to a Secret Destination

Fly Nimbus  –   At Nimbus we plan surprise trips to Secret Destinations around the US, Canada, and Mexico where people don’t know where they are traveling until 2 days before departing.
So they will not know if they have to bring a coat or a swimsuit until 2 days before they depart, since the destination could be Austin, Vancouver, Miami, Cancun, Chicago… or 40 possibilities more.

Our goal is not only to sell surprise trips but to provide experiences that the customer has never lived before by offering quality accommodations, amazing destinations, and good customer service.

Our customers only have to select how many travelers they are, from where are they flying, select the dates (they can also schedule the departure and arrival flights), discard those destinations they don’t want to go, and then, just pay. Super easy e-commerce platform which offers a new way of traveling.

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