Foodeterian ( –  Foodeterian is tier 2 city focused hyper local food ordering and delivery service. We are a restaurant aggregator and also provide delivery support to restaurants. Foodeterian is all about making app based food ordering easy in tier-2 cities of India. The tier-2 cities are really growing at a fast pace but the digital wave is still not as strong in these cities when it comes to app based shopping or ordering. We analyzed many factors before deciding Bhubaneswar as the location to start up. At present. we are the fastest growing food tech in Bhuabaneswar providing end-to-end delivery and ordering support. It took a lot of hard work and a lot of planning and execution of those plans. We made our app very simple to make food ordering easy. Users can place an order under 50 seconds using our app.

Most of our team members are from a background of blue collar jobs in big corporate giants. We have stayed away from home and believe me, food is something that is pain. Working late night we do not really have a choice to go for cafeteria’s food or boiling noodles. We thought if getting food is this tough in Metro cities, how hard it could be for tier-2 cities. This led us going through a list f cities and understand the demography, currently operating companies and barriers. Our idea is to remove hurdles between the food and the foodie by making it simple and reliable.
It was not an easy journey. We faced many challenges on a daily basis. Our savings were totally null and we stopped personal shoppings in order to be able to fund our startup idea. Designing our platform and admin panel was really time consuming and has been through many many reviews by team considering all aspects of the person who would be managing it. In start, it was like working two jobs for some of team members.

Our startup solves two major problems at two different fronts:

It provides a way for users to order their food easily and quickly. It generally takes more than an hour in Bhubaneswar by restaurants, we deliver it in 40 minutes, thanks to our planned algorithms and quick response time.
It provides a simple and reliable approach to the restaurants in Bhubaneswar to ride the digital wave and upgrade themselves.

Our vision is to become the biggest food tech in tier-2 cities and change the way people order food in these cities. We want to bring the digital wave to these cities having a really high potential. Our mission is to reach new heights and create value for all parties associated with us and coin the term Foodeterian to define the food lovers.

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