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Gayatri Software services pvt ltd  –  We have developed many products which are running successfully and is helping many businesses across the globe.
Our services include software, website designing & development, E-commerce website development, Mobile application development (Android & iOS), Digital Marketing, Bulk SMS Solution and Security solutions.
G-GYM Management Software  
G-GYM Management Software  – G-GMS is a robust yet cost-effective gym management software by Gayatri Software. The application has been redesigned for a price reduction. However, that does not mean that

Best Gym Management Software
its features have been cut. Instead, they have been modified and enhanced to introduce a lower cost of ownership.

With G-GMS, you can grow your membership while you work to attract new ones. The software has automation tools that enable you to free up some of your time for you to engage with existing members and potential ones. As such, you can be more focused on your customers rather than on your administrative tasks. In line with that, G-GMS is equipped with alerts and notifications features. These let you know when your gym or club members have due payments so you can collect on time. Thus, you can keep your business afloat and profitable.

Fabric and Garment management software  
Fabric and Garment management software  – “Fabric and Garment management software” is the best Garment management software to manage the stock of garment industries/retails stores. This is a very useful software to sort out the problems, occurs in the Garment sector. An easy way to store the stock data.
Garment management software is necessary for Garment Industries, Stores, and Shops to reduce effort and time.
A very reliable data storing software.

With Garment management software users able to Manage Stocks, Customers, Invoices, Grey, Taxes, Samples, Catalogs, Employees, Vendors, and Expenses. Hence the user can check all records and reports of stocks, employees, vendors, and expenses.

Key Features:
Ready Products Management
Grey Management
Vendor Management
Customer Management
Sample Management
Catalog Management
Order Management
Inventory Management
Stock Management
& many more.

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