GoTek Energy, Inc. – Transforming Energy Creation and Mobility with DynaKinetic™ Rotary Technology Engines, Compressors, Pumps, & Gas Motors

GoTek Energy, Inc.

– GoTek Energy’s® DynaKinetic™ rotary engine architecture elegantly enters the market to displace and evolve piston and Wankel engines, as well as to supplement EV powertrain’s battery limitations through range extension when coupled with an electric generator. The DynaKinetic™ engine mission is to conquest the market and be the transformation of energy creation and mobility, to improve the world’s carbon footprint, and to reduce natural resource consumption while creating great jobs. Put simply, the DynaKinetic™ engine makes marked improvements in every major area of customer importance – power & torque, response, fuel economy & efficiency, size & weight, emissions, durability & reliability, vibration, and serviceability. The GoTek Energy® DynaKinetic™ engine also runs efficiently on any fuel including clean and abundant gaseous fuels like CNG, LPG, and Hydrogen or Brown’s Gas further reducing emissions to near zero and lowering operating costs.

DynaKinetic™ rotational technology is also optimal for highly efficient compressors and pumps when combined with electric motor technology. Our positive displacement compressors and pumps flow twice as much as traditional pumps when run at the same RPM. This results in significant energy savings by lowering the end user’s electricity bills.

DynaKinetic™ technology can be used as a gas motor or heat pump (reverse compressor) for closed-loop IC engine exhaust gas heat recovery systems and to turn wasted heat energy back into kinetic rotational energy

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