HUBVERY – Peer-to-Peer Ridesharing for your Supply Chain

HUBVERY  –  First Intelligent & Autonomous Mobile Drone Charging Stations.

HUBVERY was founded with the innovative spirit of exponential thinking. While incubated at SU | NASA — located at the heart of Silicon Valley — we saw that in order to expedite the applications of emerging technologies people need their resources on time. However, getting those resources in a timely manner won’t happen ‘the old way’.

What we do ?

We are not a boring logistics company. We understand that in order to solve the last mile hurdles to delivery, e-commerce giants are getting big on drones & have even proposed sky highways as they ready to improve their logistics. So, we figured out the best solution for your drone delivery challenges!

1. We optimize and modernize your delivery;
2. We pride on merging new exponential tech with old infrastructure;
3. We reimagine drone logistics;
4. We optimize processes with all kinds of cool high-tech;
5. We merge drone piloting, drone charging, machine learning, autonomous vehicles monetization, and advertisement.

We invest big in partnerships because we are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to offer a real-time and intelligent digital service.


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