Incensesticks – Shop a wide range of handcrafted incense sticks, candles, 100% pure essential oils and more!

Incensesticks ( –  Incensesticks is a brand with a purpose looking to spread the use of wellness products to enrich the living experience of people. With a mission to usher natural wellness into homes, we embarked on a journey in pursuit of products that are rich in heritage and packed with all the goodness of traditional Ayurveda. We believe that infusing nature’s bountiful blessings with day to day activities will improve individual health and wellness. At Incensesticks, we take immense pride in our natural, handmade products sourced from various serene and spiritual towns in India and around the world.

The dawn of modernization kicked off the use of instant and synthetic holistic therapies. However, the adverse effects of using chemicals have become evident. As a result, we are seeing a paradigm shift where people are leaning towards a more holistic natural lifestyle. Aromatherapy has stood the test of time as the safest way to ward of the harmful effects of a stressful lifestyle.

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