Learn How to Raise Funds directly from 25 of India’s top entrepreneurs and investors without having to travel anywhere.

Major topics covered include:

✅ How to validate your startup idea
✅ How to Bootstrap your startup
✅ How to approach investors the right way
✅ How to find Valuation of your startup
✅ How to raise Angel Round of funding
✅ How to create perfect pitch deck
✅ How to create financial projections
✅ How to raise Series A, Series B round

​​BONUS – Complete List of all the Angel Networks in India
​BONUS – Complete List of all the VC Funds in India
​BONUS – List of Online Publications to follow
​BONUS – List of Online Communities to follow
​BONUS – List of Influencers to follow in the Startup Space
​BONUS – List of all the Startup Events happening in India
​BONUS – List of most useful Books to read for startup founders
​BONUS – List of most useful Podcasts to follow
​BONUS – Ready to use, the Pitch Deck Template
​BONUS – Ready to use Financial Projections Template
​BONUS – Ready to use Email Template to reach out to the Investors
​BONUS – Ready to use Social Media Templates to get in touch with the investors
​BONUS – List of most frequently asked 100 Questions before meeting any investor
​BONUS – Sample Term Sheet for study

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