INFINCE – Infinite Cloud for Enterprise – Infince rationalizes business IT. Secure cloud hosting. Concierge IT support. Run-your-business software. All online, from one company.

Infince gives a business its own secure cloud infrastructure and each employee their own virtual desktop. With a complete business suite of office software, including video meetings, that runs on any device, it’s perfect for the deskless worker. A 10 user setup costs only $50 per month.

Infince provides rapid access to enterprise software. Companies choose from a menu of optional, proven, open source solutions that can be up and running in minutes. And most software has no license cost.

For example, a company website can be activated using WordPress on a virtual server with a few mouse clicks, ready for content and branding to be added.
Infince apps include: CRM, Forums, eCommerce, Wiki, Ticketing, and more.

Support options include: video chat with desktop sharing, self-help knowledge bases, integration support, and other services, including custom software development.

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