Innovo42 – Empowering teams to become more productive

We take pride in being a small yet diverse team of solution engineers, finance experts, marketers, designers, and inventors who take the digital space seriously.

Our mission is to cut through the noise of inefficient expense and invoice management and empower businesses to achieve seamless workflows, eliminating frustrating processes that take up time.

Because the digital space is evolving fast, we want to help individuals and teams change the way they work and speed up their productivity through automated tasks.

We believe that visibility, digitization, and automation will allow you to become more productive, eliminate all friction and produce great results.

This is why, our two core products, Innovo Expense and Innovo Invoice are here to help you simplify your work. No more wasted time on manually capturing data and spending hours submitting paperwork!

And for those who need quick integration, our API solution is always available.

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