IntelligentBee Creates Own Shark Tank to Support Business Ideas of Employees

IntelligentBee – – Iasi, Romania — Software services and technical support startup company IntelligentBee took a page from a ‘business reality show’ and is holding its own ‘Shark Tank’ competition, where the company’s employees are set to receive up to €20,000 for the winning projects that can grow their business ideas.

The company’s take on the reality show will have IntelligentBee employees present their ideas to a jury made up of startup managers, with the best of them set to receive a budget from €15,000 to €20,000 that they will use in a period of six months to prove that they can turn their vision into a successful business.

“A lot of ideas come up, but the ideas aren’t a problem—the issue is how you plan and develop them further,” says IntelligentBee co-founder and CEO Costi Teleman. “I used to think a good product needs 90 percent programming and a few other little things. It’s not really like that, though. I think the product’s construction represents a maximum of 20-30 percent of all the effort you need to make. You hit issues like financing, marketing, promotion and many more,” the CEO notes.

Teleman says so far there have been a few ideas that have received the time and money as promised, and one of them is called Gamers Hunt, a platform for gamers who are tired of their games and would like to share them in the virtual world. But after six months, the idea didn’t materialize into a final product. is another project being worked on by employees. It functions as an internal application that can be used to submit holiday requests, manage spending and other internal tasks of IntelligentBee.

The application was initially created to program the steps of an interview during the hiring process so those in the HR department would avoid forgetting the details that happened during a meeting with potential future employees.

The startup company aims to develop more of its own products and would like the share of its own products to hit at least 80 percent in the next ten years.

IntelligentBee was founded in 2011 and is currently working with 15 global companies that include Carnegie Technologies, Cloud Elements, Event Cloud, SendGrid, and Snug. Apart from outsourcing and technical support, the startup company also develops its own products.

This year, the IT firm launched Eventway, a self-ticketing platform which allows event organizers to sell electronic tickets identifiable through a QR code. It is based on the business-to-business model and addresses both local and global organizations.

After selling over 40,000 tickets in its first year, the team behind it is aiming for 130,000 tickets sold through the platform the following year and take in revenues amounting to €100,000. The product is set to receive €200,000 in investments in 2019.

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About IntelligentBee Company
IntelligentBee is a custom software development and technical support company based in Romania.

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