Kar Kleaners – Transforming the daily car cleaning in India.

Kar Kleaners   www.karkleaners.in  –  Having a car and finding it difficult to maintain the vehicle…..don’t worry you are not alone…there are millions of them suffering from the same issue across the country.
Where there is pain, an intellectual finds a solution for the benefit of the society and in turn, it becomes a booming venture.
Kar Kleaners - logo
Kar Kleaners – logo

That is what this corporate employee, Devang Raja, did. He gave up his full-time job to fill the void in this unorganised segment and reaped laurels from patrons.

Devang Raja started India’s first professional daily car cleaning company, KAR KLEANERS in 2016. His initial objective was to help car owners overcome the worry of regular hygiene.
KAR KLEANERS started their pilot run in Mumbai out of Borivali and have now expanded to Kandivali and Lower Parel. They are now looking for like-minded people to spread the service to other parts of the city. They are planning to expand to Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad in 2018.
The financial capital of the nation works round the clock with little or no time for car owners to look into the intricacies of vehicle care.
Hence, the pilot run became successful with the various services offered by KAR KLEANERS. Right now, they perform Dry wash, sprinkle wash and water wash.
In addition to specialised services like KAR SPA that includes a Full-Interior Deep clean of the Car Accessories and Equipment.

As a part of value addition KAR KLEANERS, also have another product KAR DEALS, where they facilitate used car sales and buying service to loyal clients.

KAR KLEANERS act as a trusted friend to the customers in case of all RTO related issues. Soon they plan to market car-care products on their brand name KAR KLEANERS.
The assets of the company are its trusted, dedicated and trained team. State of art equipment and sophisticated process using Eco-friendly material were their foundations of success.
Their professional CAR CARE TAKERS (CCT) oversee that cleaning any car should only consume on an average one liter water, using their modern technology. That is a marvelous job done with maximum savings in water resources.
With such magnificent utilities, KAR KLEANERS is a company that would be welcomed pan India.

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