Kipwise for Slack – Team knowledge sharing tool built on Slack.  –  Kipwise helps you turn daily communications in Slack into saved team knowledge easily. Shared an article or image in Slack? It will turn it into a collaborative version so your teams can collaborate on highlights and notes. All saved items are searchable in Slack using simple commands.

Sample use cases of how you can use Kipwise:
– Team learning (e.g. discuss inspiring articles / infographics with teammates)
– Content research (e.g. clip blog post references)
– Competitor monitoring (e.g. clip competitors’ ads / screenshots)
– Design discussion (e.g. share design references with annotations)
– Onboarding new hires (e.g. create reading lists for new hires)

We will continue to add more knowledge formats (e.g. video annotation, freestyle wiki, clipping Slack messages) going forward so stay tuned 🙂

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