The first fully integrated sports management platform. Research shows that, until today, sports groups use all sorts of (online) applications to get organized and to communicate with their members. Facebook, Google Apps, WhatsApp, Mailchimp, WordPress, Dropbox, … You name it! These are all excellent applications, however organizers indicate they do a lot of double work and occasionally make mistakes while doing so. In summary, these applications lack synchronisation tailored for sports groups. Furthermore, current solutions are often complex, expensive and most importantly they require all members to on-board their platform which can be quite a hassle for both organizers and members.

Klublr is an integrated tool for sports group organizers with a main focus on planning events and collecting payments. The unique proposition: aiming to eliminate the obligation for other members (than the organizers) to register and if these members do decide to register, they can actually choose how they get notified (e-mail, Messenger, Whatsapp, SMS, Push, …). Klublr also has an app directory, where sports groups are able to connect with their favourite apps and avoid double work as such.

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