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Aayush Verma is one of the youngest author and entrepreneur of the country.

He started his writing career with Student Life (2015) and today he is the author of the three books and his fourth book is also coming soon.

His struggling journey starts from 15th May of 2015, when he was completely broken up with his life full of troubles.

He was also fed up of his life and also was disturbed because of the English teacher who left no chances to make fun of him and his stories in many classes.

Keeping this as the break point, he then decided to write down a book related with the life of students in which he can focus on the problems faced by ordinary student during the academics and the way to sort it out.

From that very day only, he started writing the book “Student Life” instead of writing short stories and children poem.

When he finished writing his book, he at once submitted his book to many publications but only few of them accepted his works and responded after 6 months of long patience.

After Student Life was accepted, the publishers demanded a huge amount of money in the name of partnered publishing mentioning that we can go with Partnered traditional publishing only.

Because of the huge money demanded, he again became unable to get his book published.

After long and long patience for the reply from the editors about the decision of publishing, finally he got a chance after the 47 publications rejections.

After four months of the agreement signed between him and the Publication, one morning he came to know that the company who kept him waiting (for the hope that his book will be published and brought in the market) became unable to adjust with the marketing competition and hence was closed down.

All his hard work was drained again. He ,again, submitted his novel to the four publishers and the same thing happened again, he was rejected.

Finally, he came to a conclusion that no matter how well you write, if you are a new Author, many things will stop you in getting published traditionally.

After the total of forty-seven rejections, his book was finally published by Youth India Publications and is sold worldwide.

The publication shut down it’s operations as it was in loss because of the Distribution and also failed to pay the compensation to the authors.

With the dream of doing something for the creative talents, he hadn’t stopped and then formed Knack Ardour: A Talent and Business Management Platform ( .

Today, he is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India and running his start-up “Knack Ardour” and providing place and opportunities to the young and the creative talents.
However, there were only few ones to look forward on the talents of the poor kids and that is why to support poor talented kids, Knack Ardour initiated an NGO working for education of poor children named as Goli Moli Foundation (

About Knack Ardour:
We are team of young entrepreneurs working towards the Talent and Business Management. We provide opportunity to all the creative talented students to present their creativity in the front through various talent competition and programs organised by us. Currently, we are working on two areas of talent: Painting and Writing. We also provide Publishing Support and Promotion to the creative talented Authors.
Other than the Talent Section, we provide Business Support Services to the emerging Business through our “Corporate Membership Plan”.

About Goli Moli Foundation:
We are a non-profit making organization of the service sector launched on November 2017. Our works are mainly towards the service sector. We provide educational support services to the children based out in the village and backward areas. We create talent competitions to such places where there are no such services available there. We work to raise educational awareness in the village areas so that people may find scope in education and make their kids go to school and pursue education.

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