Leo TechnoSoft – A champions run to an entrepreneur

A champions run to an entrepreneur   www.leotechnosoft.net  –  The Passion and economics are hard to mix and for an entrepreneur, it is essential to strike a balance between the two. Passion offers an unlimited energy to pursuit dream, and an economic acumen makes the dream viable.
A journey of the athlete turned entrepreneur “Rob” is an example. A champion Athlete in Engineering years, accustom to a daily running regime with buddies and friends, inspired Rob, design & build Run2Geo, a platform that facilitates organizing and live monitoring of training events, across geo-locations.
The App can theater live stream data of events from multiple geo-location that can be used to measure athletes performance. It also shares topology and other vital information to the users and the buddy athletes. Today, over 7200 (approx) user are using the app every day, setting and monitoring workout goals. The platform is monetized in September 2017 and Expected to achieve breakeven by November 2018.
It’s a success of Leo TechnoSoft’s BOMT – “a partner product development model”, that helped in cultivating innovative idea of Run2Geo into a winning business model.

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