MockRabbit – the world’s first Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning(ML) based mock interview practice app.

MockRabbit  –  MockRabbit app helps to perfect your software developer job interview while practicing the mock interview in front of your mobile and getting instant feedback from our Artificial Intelligence engine at an instant. We are happy to share with you that our engineering team has achieved close to 86% accuracy in the result.

We built the app to deliver the following benefits

Become a complete software developer who writes meaningful, easy, optimized and maintainable code.
Ace the coding interview giving answers to the questions using our unique S.A.R. (Situation, Answer, Result) structure. You are assured of being a most impressive guy in front of a recruiter.
Understands and answers real-life problems in a way that creates a profound impact with their solution.
Earns the reputation in the market as a complete software developer.

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