Founded by two friends in the year 2015, Morphedo is an online marketplace which connects 3D Printers and 3D Designers for customers to locally access 3D Printing and Designing services. It re-defines manufacturing by making it accessible to all.
Indian Government has recognized Morphedo as an innovative startup under its flagship Startup India plan. Join us in digital manufacturing! Be an innovator today!

To create a world of 3D Printers and 3D Designers which makes design and manufacturing accessible to everyone.

Application of 3D Printing seems to cross all the boundaries. The sooner a technology is adopted, the better it is. Therefore, Morphedo is enabling everyone to utilize 3D Printing technology to the fullest by bringing all the solutions, from product designing to product manufacturing on a single platform.

In the revolution of democratizing manufacturing, we at Morphedo, help you focus on 3D Printing and we take care of the rest. Come join the real time Additive Manufacturing ecosystem and allow the customers looking for the fastest and most affordable solution find you. Be a part of the network joining hands to take 3D Printing to the next level. While you capitalize on your core, we work on increasing the number of satisfied customers.

Morphedo believes that product designers are innovators born with creative intelligence. It’s time to release your 3D Designs from the stack, allowing them to be placed right in front of the consumers. Take a step ahead of freelance and make the world go crazy with your designs. Go live with Morphedo! Get the right exposure, let your creation be appreciated, witness your 3D designs turning into products and adding weight to your wallet.

We are making 3D Printing technology accessible to all. You have a product idea but wondering how to give it a shape or convert it into a Minimum Viable Product, Morphedo will help you with all your Rapid Prototyping requirements.

Want to make your 3D Design alive? Simply, upload it to our 3D Printing Marketplace and order a print of it from a Maker of your choice. Morphedo is the one stop solution to choose from the best 3D Printer near you.

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