MYInfluence – NEW way to shop and Monetize Your Influence (get it?). We believe that EVERYONE can be an influencer, so we reward our buyers for sharing recommendations. It’s a “Perpetual Commission Chain” – the more people participate, the more rewards earned.

MYInfluence ( –  MYInfluence is an innovative marketplace that allows the buyers to earn perpetual cash rewards by sharing their recommendations. Like the Blockchain of eCommerce, MYInfluence tracks and scripts all the transactions made through social network connections. As a result, our buyers get the chance to earn from DIRECT and INDIRECT recommendations, getting commissions every time a friend buys using their link, or their friends buy, and so on. That’s why we call it Perpetual Commission Chain. Unlike any other platform, MYInfluence shares its profit with the buyers.

MYInfluence is a full stack eCommerce solution. It’s built based on our Agni OS cloud computing software platform. Agni OS incorporates a cost-efficient, easy-to-build, and highly customizable architectural platform known as UNISTACK – a unified stack of open-source services and programs. It offers complete Software as a Service (Saas) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions for businesses that need to bring their offerings to the cloud fast and hassle-free.

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