Nanobag 2.0 and Nanopack – Ultralight, ultrastrong, ultraportable – he Nanobag easily fits into your pocket and ensures that you always have a bag handy.

October 11 2018 – St. Louis / Hong Kong – Following on the successful launch of the original ‘carry everywhere’ Nanobag campaign, the team at TipTop Things Ltd has now launched their Nanobag 2.0 and Nanopack campaign on Kickstarter. Launched only 24 hours ago, the project is already a success, with more than 750 backers already having contributed 550% of the campaign’s funding goal.

Kickstarter campaign link:

This project was inspired by the countless plastic bags we’ve received when we go shopping. Globally we consume somewhere between 1 trillion to 500 billion of plastic bags per year, and it’s an unnecessary waste. Nanobag 2.0 and Nanopack are both made with a soft and lightweight reinforced ripstop material that folds easily into your pocket, or into the built-in pouch. Finally it’s possible to do away with bulky reusable bags.

With our second campaign, we’ve taken all the great things about our original bag to the next level. Nanobag 2.0 features improved design, comfort, size and stitching. The handles now go along the length of the bag, which balances the weight more evenly, and allows them to be shorter than on the original. The amount it can carry has also been increased, with the bottom now being wider. The seams are also reinforced, for extra durability.

Based on feedback from the community we’ve also decided to make the Nanopack, a drawstring backpack from the same unique fabric. In order to make it comfortable to carry, we’ve made 2cm wide straps from our unique fabric, rather than using strings. This ensures that the weight is distributed over a large area. The straps also helps keep the volume and weight to a minimum.

Key features:
Portable – The super soft fabric easily fits in your pocket
Thin – Fabric measures only 0.002 inches (0.05 mm)
Strong – Carries 55 pounds (25 kg)
Soft – Folds easily and is comfortable to carry
Packs into small attached pouch
Reinforced ripstop nylon polymer fabric with water resistant nano coating
Nanobag 2.0 measures 40 cm at the top and 47cm towards the bottom and the handles are around 20 cm tall. We’ve also made the bag 8cm wide at the bottom this time, to increase the volume
Nanobag 2.0 fits 18 liters and weighs .77 oz (22 grams)
Nanopack measures 40 cm tall, 38 cm wide and 6 cm wide at the bottom
Nanopack fits 14 liters and weighs 0.81 oz (23 grams)
The bags are available in black, gray, blue and red.
Our Kickstarter backers get FREE international shipping

We consider our bags environmentally conscious, as they contain less materials than other bags in their category and help reduce single use plastic bag consumption. In addition we’ll offset any CO2 emitted from the production of the bags by planting mangrove trees in Myanmar with Worldview International Foundation. Mangrove trees are one of the most effective tools against climate change, and are ten times more effective than most other tree species. Mangroves take CO2 out of the air and bind it to the ground, and prevent it from escaping into the atmosphere. As bonus they prevent soil erosion and help sustain coastal ecosystems.

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