is an Armenian video production platform, headquartered in Yerevan, Armenia, that allows individuals and businesses to create broadcast quality videos for private or business use. Renderforest was founded by Narek Safaryan in 2013 and was only engaged in producing handcrafted animation videos. The website was developed over the subsequent months and in November 2014 it was completely possible to create any video using the platform. From January 2015 the Beta version with payment integration was live, by which time the site was receiving 2000 visitors a day. The site grew rapidly, and by the end of 2015 the company announced that more than 300,000 videos have been created, and there are more than 160,000 Renderforest users.
After its founding in 2013 with CEO Narek Safaryan , by 2016 Renderforest had grown to 20 employees . The staff is continuously growing as demands increase. Renderforest is headquartered in Yerevan*’s Azatutyan 27 and in 2015 Renderforest opened its new office in Gyumri, Armenia, in the GTC (Gyumri Technology Center) and approximately 2/3 of Renderforest ‘s staff is based here. By October 2016, Renderforest will have another office in VTC (Vanadzor Technology Center).
Renderforest has already helped more than 10,000 startups to create affordable broadcast quality videos for their businesses from over 150 countries. The statistic shows the leading countries ranked according to the number of Renderforest users as of May 2016. 60% American users were registered on Renderforest. The website is also well known and much used in Brazil, India, Canada, Australia, Germany and many other countries.
The site allows users to create professional-looking logo animations, slideshows, music visualizers and company presentations and many more. Currently, there are about 180 templates, but the number is growing up with customers growing demands and expectations. Renderforest combines personal and business use into one easy to use platform, which delivers broadcast quality standards and has simplified, easy to use interface, saves precious time with already made templates, delivers higher quality and has cheaper cost compared to its competitors. By simply uploading and arranging media, users can get their video in minutes. The site also includes a library of copyright-free music users can add to their slideshows. It provides hundreds of customizable video templates that includes a wide variety of categories to suit the specific needs: from Music Visualizations to Mobile Application Promotional Videos, Explainer Videos and Logo animations, Slideshows and Promotional Videos.
The company is in an active growth stage. On June 8, 2016, a new, more flexible and easier editor has been launched. New video categories and new features have already been added with the Third Generation of Renderforest. Renderforest features easy-to-use tools and cloud storage. Video editor is more flexible now with “Drag and Drop” option. Users can choose any scene they wish and create your unique video, add or remove any scene or text, choose preferred colors to suit their own color branding.
Renderforest is expanding day by day and more and more visitors become interested in creating broadcast quality videos for private or business use.

After 6 months of dedicated team work on the Explainer Video Toolkit Renderforest finally introduced the first self-made Explainer Video in the world that enables its users to insert their ideas into the video and create their project by their own without using specialized animation companies’ help.

Concisely anyone can edit already available template and create an explainer video with the usage of provided scenes during counted hours.


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