OWOX BI – We create BI products to help consolidate, process, analyze and extract insights from data

OWOX BI   https://www.owox.com/c/277  –  OWOX BI Pipeline helps automate data import to Google Analytics and Google BigQuery.
Сonsolidate data from various disparate sources: user interactions with your website, cost data from advertising services, transactions and returns from CRM/ERP systems, data from call-tracking and email marketing services. This is all to gauge how your efforts affect business outcomes.

OWOX BI Attribution helps reveal the real contribution of advertising campaigns to the user’s progression through the purchase funnel. The model credits each session in the conversion process with a percentage of the total conversion value. To ensure reliable results, the calculations are based on all available data, including data about phone calls and purchases in brick-and-mortar stores.

OWOX BI Smart Data helps talk to the data in plain English and gets instant answers to thousands of questions, which are displayed as easy-to-read charts and tables. You don’t even have to write SQL queries, study Google Analytics or ask for analyst’s help to get the reports you need.

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